How to Passport Renewal Form In Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Citizens who have Machine Readable Passport (MRP) and don't know how to renew or reissue a Passport in Bangladesh should try to read the whole article very carefully. At the end of the validity of MRP Passports, Every Passport holder requires knowing how to do passport renewal by filling up an online passport renewal application form in Bangladesh. 

I think you might be very happy knowing that the renew or reissue of BD passport by online passport renewal application form (DIP Form 2) is a very easy process. In this post, I am gonna discuss the Bangladesh passport renewal fee and form, and how to renew or reissue MRP passport online in BD.
online passport renewal application form
How to Renew a Passport In Bangladesh

How to  Renew a Passport In Bangladesh

To renew or reissue a Bangladeshi MRP Passport, the passport holder must be the citizen of Bangladesh. If he or she belongs to another country, he or she will not be eligible for the passport renewal. 

At first, You have to deposit the Bangladesh passport renewal fee in Sonali Bank Limited. You can also deposit the bd passport renewal fee in Dhaka Bank, Trust Bank, One Bank, Asia Bank, and Premier Bank Limited before or after collecting or downloading passport renewal application form from online. Then you have to download the DIP Form-2 from www passport gov bd or www dip gov bd.

Bangladesh Passport Renewal Application Form Fee

  • Regular: You have to pay Tk 3,450 for Passport Renewal Application Form Fee for if you want to renew or reissue your passport as Regular.
  • Express: You have to pay Tk 6,900 fees to renew or reissue a Bangladeshi MRP Passport if you want to get it within 10 days from the day of Passport Renewal.
  • However, you have to Tk 345 per year for the validity expire Passport.

Necessary Documents of Bangladesh Passport Renewal Application

  • You have to submit the photocopy of the old Passport with renewal or reissue application form.
  • you have to show the Main Old Passport to renew the passport.
  • You have to submit Government Order (GO) in terms of Official Passport
  • The retired person will get Emergency Service by paying Regular Passport Renewal Application form fee if he submits the photocopy of his pension book.
  • You have to submit the necessary documents if you want to change or make a correction of any information.
  • You have to present yourself if you want to change your picture and signature.
  • You have to submit 2 photocopies of Passport renewal or reissue application form (DIP Form-2) you have filled up if you want to change the permanent address.
  • You have to submit the attested photocopy of the Educational Certificate, National ID Card, and Birthday Registration Certificate if you want to change your name and date of birth.

Bangladesh Passport Renewal Application Guide

How to passport renewal 

Passport Renewal Application Form Bangladesh PDF

One thing you have to know that you will not be able to apply for the Passport Renewal online because there is no way to apply to reissue or renew the MRP Passport in Bangladesh. That's why you have to collect the Passport Renewal Application Form from the nearest Passport Office or you have to download the passport renewal f form pdf from the official website of the Agargoan Passport Office, Bangladesh. The Download Link of Passport Renewal Form pdf is given below.

In this post, I have tried to explain how to renew or reissue Bangladeshi passport, the passport renewal fee, the process of online MRP passport renewal or reissue application, and renewal Form Pdf download. If you have any queries about the Bangladesh DIP Form-2, then Contact Us or follow our Facebook Fan page. Thanks for reading the whole article and being with us.
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