BCS Preliminary Preparation Full Book List

BCS which is abbreviated as Bangladesh Civil Service is the most important civil service of the Government of Bangladesh. A large number of students who sometimes want to know BCS Preliminary Preparation Full Book List to me at the time of graduating and I know they dream to become a BCS Cadre.

BCS Cadre is one of the most prestigious and glamorous jobs in  Bangladesh. But it is a matter of great regret that every year around 2000 BCS candidates get the opportunity to be a BCS Cadre. Being highly competitive, the candidates who want to be a Civil Servant Officer should know about the BCS Preliminary Preparation Full Book List besides BCS Preparation because many of us asked me "Which book should I read for BCS exam?" Sometimes I ask them  a question, "Why do you want to be a BCS cadre?" Most of them always try to give a simple answer that they want to fulfill their parents' dream and want to me, "How can I be a BCS cadre". Today I will discuss how to buy or download BCS Preliminary Preparation Full Book and pdf file list elaborately.
BCS Preliminary Preparation Full Book List
BCS Preliminary Preparation Full Book List


    BCS Preliminary Preparation Full Book List

    Most of the candidates of BCS Preliminary examination suffer from great hesitation about the BCS Preliminary Preparation Full Book List. They cannot decide which books should they buy or avoid. Now I will give you a piece of advice that will help you get to answer the question "Which book should I read for the BCS exam?" Never purchase too many books that you cannot read. Try to complete the books you have already. Try to collect the Necessary books which are suggested by the successful BCS candidates though there is a lot of books available in the market. Now I recommend a BCS preparation book List that a successful candidate follows.

    BCS English Grammar Preliminary Preparation Book List

    English is one of the most important and toughest parts of the BCS preliminary exam. If you don't know about the BCS English Grammar Preparation Book List, this article is for you. Always follow the techniques so that you can cut a good figure in this part. First of all, Make a BCS preparation daily routine that you can follow easily because many prepare a BCS preparation study plan for 31/60/90 days but they can't follow it properly. Try to buy the BCS Preliminary Preparation English books List that is given below.

    • Job solution (Previous Preliminary Questions for BCS English Preparation)
    • English for the Competitive Exams
    • Professors Current Affairs from the last 1/2 years (Only English Part)
    • Cliff’s TOEFL
    • Peterson’s TOEFL
    • Common Mistakes in English by TJ Fitikides
    • A Passage to the English Language by SM Jakir Hossain
    • The Anatomy of the English Sentence by SM Jakir Hossain
    • Practical English Usage by Michael Swan
    • English Grammar by Wren and Martin
    • Advanced Learner’s English by Chowdhury and Hossain

    BCS English Vocabulary Preliminary Preparation Book List

    BCS group study helps very much to practice and improve one's BCS English Vocabulary Preliminary Preparation. Always try to make a BCS English Vocabulary preparation study plan for 31/ 60/90 days from the Book List that is given below. Remember the more you read vocabulary, the more you will be able to memorize it.
    • Saifur's Vocabulary
    • Saifurs Analogy
    • GRE
    • Word Smart
    • Barron’s SAT
    • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
    • Oxford Synonyms & Antonyms

    BCS Bangla Grammar Preliminary Preparation Book List

    Bangla literature is another important part of BCS Preliminary Preparation. Many candidates don't try to know about  BCS Bangla Grammar Preliminary Preparation Book List and try to read the huge topics of Bangla which is unnecessary. So Every candidate should study the BCS Bangla literature smartly. 
    • Job solution (Previous Preliminary Questions for BCS Bangla Preparation)
    • Bangla Grammar Book (Class IX-X)
    • Bangla Basha o Sahitya Jiggasha by Dr.Soumitra Sekhar
    • Lal Neel Dipaboli by Humayun Azad
    • MP3/ Professor/ Oracle BCS Preliminary Bangla Guide Book (any of them)
    • Bangla Grammar &Literature by Hayat Mahmud
    • Bangla Shahitter Itihash by Mahbubul Alam

    BCS General Knowledge (GK) Preliminary Preparation Book List

    Here I provide you the BCS Bangladesh and International affairs General Knowledge (GK) Preparation full Book List so that you can easily understand that which books should you buy and can make a proper decision for buying the best one from the BCS General Knowledge (GK) Preliminary Preparation Book List given below.
    • Job solution (Previous Preliminary Questions for BCS General Knowledge Preparation)
    • Ajker Bisshaw
    • MP3/ Professor/ Oracle BCS Preliminary Bangladesh Affairs
    • MP3/ Professor/ Oracle BCS Preliminary International Affairs
    • Professors Current Affairs Previous 1 year

    BCS Math Preliminary Preparation Book List

    To acquire more than 10 marks from the BCS Math, you should only three tasks that are- Practice, Practice, and Practice. I have provided a BCS Math Preliminary Preparation Book List below for you that will help you solve the math and reach your goal.
    • Job solution (Previous Preliminary Questions for BCS Math Preparation)
    • Math Books (Class VI-X)
    • MP3/ Professor/ Oracle BCS Preliminary Math Book
    • Short Cut Math Books by Arifur Rahman

    BCS General Science Preliminary Preparation Book List

    BCS General Science Preliminary Preparation Book List is pretty much the same as the other subject discussed above. The mark distribution of General Science in BCS preliminary exam is 15. To get the highest mark in this part, try to read the books for BCS Science Preparation that is given below.
    • Job solution (Previous Preliminary Questions for BCS Math Preparation)
    • General Science Books (From Class VI-X)
    • MP3/ Professor/ Oracle BCS Preliminary General Science 

    BCS Other  Preliminary Preparation Book List

    I will recommend you buy the MP3 Easy Computer for BCS Computer & Information Technology Preliminary Preparation, Professor's  Geography, environment, And Disaster Management; and Ethics, values, and Good Governance; Oracle's Mental Ability from the BCS Preliminary Preparation Book List given in below.
    • MP3/ Professor/ Oracle Computer & Information Technology
    • MP3/ Professor/ Oracle Geography, environment And Disaster Management
    • MP3/ Professor/ Oracle Ethics, values and Good Governance
    • MP3/ Professor/ Oracle Mental Ability

    I hope you have been able to know about the BCS Preliminary Preparation Full Book List properly. You will be able to do BCS mp3 books, Ogrodut Bangla, and professor's BCS digest pdf download from the reference books for BCS Preliminary Preparation. If you have any questions about the BCS book list by Sushanta Paul, Assurance BCS book List with price,  Please Contact Us or follow our Facebook Fan page. Thanks for being with us.
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