Robi New Sim Offer 2020 | 1 GB Internet at 9 Tk

Robi new sim Offer 2020 | 1 GB Internet at 9 Tk: Enjoy The Amazing Robi new sim Offer 2020. Robi introduces a new sim offer for their new customers. Now Robi new customers may enjoy up to 1 GB internet data at 9 Tk free with Robi new SIM connection. You will get Robi new internet offer if you take the opportunity of Robi new sim offer 2020 bd. Robi 9tk 1gb Internet will be got after recharging the first 42 Tk. For each Robi prepaid new connection, you can now enjoy Robi new Sim 2 GB internet offer at an attractive price! See the Robi new sim offer details below.
Robi new sim Offer
Robi new sim Offer

    Robi new sim Offer 2020 | 1 GB Internet at 9 Tk

    Once you recharge BDT 42 or BDT 96 Easy Load for the first time, you will be eligible to buy 1GB internet by recharging BDT 9 Easy Load.

    Robi 42 Tk recharge offer

    After the first time recharge of BDT 42, you will get:
    • BDT 34 main account balance
    • 2 GB internet, validity: 7 days
    • 8 any net minutes, validity: 7 days
    • 48p/min any local number, 30 days

    Robi 96Tk recharge offer

    After the first time recharge of BDT 96, you will get:
    • BDT 34 main account balance
    • 2 GB internet, validity: 7 days
    • 105 any net minutes with 10 days validity
    • 48p/min any local number, 30 days

    Other Attractive internet and bundle benefits of Robi New Sim Offer

    Offer details
    Internet Offer   - 12 GB over 12 months (1GB at BDT 9 with 7 days validity; max 1 time in 1 month)
    More internet   - 2GB (1GB+1GB 4G) with 5 days validity only at BDT 41 recharge unlimited times for 3 months
    Special Rate Offer   - On BDT 42 or BDT 96 first time recharge subscribers will get:
       48p/minute any net – valid for 30days
    Special Rate   - Default Tariff Rate: Flat 23.33 paisa/10sec
         50paisa/minute to any net Rate cutter at BDT 29 for 3 months (unlimited times)
    Special Bundle   - 95 any net minutes with 10 days validity at BDT 59
    customers are eligible to purchase 1 GB of Internet @ BDT 9 up to 12 times and get special call rate for 30 days:
    • The medium of Purchase: Easy Load Recharge.
    • Validity: 7 days (including day of receiving).
    • Internet Usage Time: 24 hours.
    • Query Code: *123*3*5#
    • Limit: once in a month for 12 months.
    • Repeat Uptake:
         - 1 GB internet pack purchase is restricted within 30 days from the date of purchase of the pack.
         - Any recharge of BDT 9 within the 30-day restriction period will be treated as a normal Main Account Balance and no 1GB internet pack will be disbursed.
    • Special Call Rate:
         - For subscribers who recharge BDT 42 or BDT 96 as their First time recharge, subscribers will get the below call rate for 30 days
         - 48p/min (Robi-Other local operator) – valid for 30days

    Activation Bonus of Robi New Sim Offer:

    • BDT 5 balance in main account.
         - Validity: 15 days.
    • 2000 SMS (For BDT 42 or BDT 96) free to any local number.
         - Bonus SMS Usage Time: 24 hours.
         - Validity: 30 days.
         - After the validity period of 30 days: 50 paisa/SMS.

    General Conditions of Robi New Sim Offer:

    • Migration-in to this new package is NOT allowed.
    • Migration-out from this new package is allowed. On migrating out to other Robi packages, the customer will carry the existing data pack (if any).
    • Balance Check Codes:
      Main Account Balance*222#
      Bonus SMS*222*12#
      Internet/Bonus Internet*123*3*5#
    • On account of multiple recharges within the running validity period, the new longer validity period will be activated
    • One handset is eligible to receive the recharge-based (on BDT 42 or BDT 96 FTR for 1 GB internet at BDT 9 recharge) free/discounted internet offers only once, irrespective of activating multiple SIMs
    • Internet value will not be carry forwarded
    • Validity will be considered including the day of recharge
    • 10% Supplementary Duty (SD), 15% VAT on tariff inclusive of SD, and 1% surcharge on tariff will be applicable.

    Robi New Sim 1 GB internet at 9 Tk offer details:

    • For the first time, you will be able to take Robi 1 GB internet offer free at 9 by recharging a recharge of 34 Tk.
    • If you want to buy Robi 1 GB internet offer pack at 9 Tk, then you must recharge first 34 Tk. Recharge for the first time means that it has never been recharged before.
    • The validity of this Robi new sim 1 GB internet offer is 7 calendar days from the date of acceptance.
    • 1 GB New Robi Sim Internet offer pack can be used in 24 hours.

    How many times can you buy Robi New Sim 1 GB Internet offer pack:

    • 1 GB Robi New Sim Internet Offer pack can be purchased once in a month and 12 times in 12 months.
    • Robi New Sim 1 GB Internet offer pack is prohibited within 30 calendar days from the day of purchase.
    • If you recharge 9 Taka within 30 days, it will be accepted as the normal main account balance, and Robi New Sim 1 GB Internet offer pack will not be given.

    Robi New Sim Recharge-based rate-cutter Offer:

    Details 29 Tk Easyload recharge
    Robi-Robi / Airtel (paisa / second) 0.5
    Robi - Other operators (paisa/second) 1
    Term (day) 30

    Robi Special Data Pack In New Sim Offer:

    • Robi New Sim 1 GB internet can be purchased with 51 Taka 
    • This Robi new Sim Special Data offer Pack can be bought 4 times in 1 month, and once a week, which has a validity of 4 days. 
    • This applies to the Robi new SIM subscriber who is willing to take this offer.

    Activation Bonus of Robi New Sim Offer:

    • Balance 5 Tk will be added to the main account 
    • Duration: 15 days 
    • 50 free SMS to any local number 
    • Bonus SMS usage time: 24 hours 
    • Duration: 30 days 
    • 30 days after expiration: 50 paisa / SMS
    • Free subscription for 1 month for Robi Gongun, Robi Radio, and Robi screen service 

    Balance Check Codes of Robi New Sim offer:

    How to check the balance in Robi Sim and How to see the number of Robi Sim that is given below:
    Details Code
    Key Account Balance * 222 #
    Bonus SMS * 222 * 12 #
    Internet / Bonus Internet * 123 * 3 * 5 #

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